Let’s Build Something

I’m passionate about web design and programming. When I’m not in the city, I work out of the command centre (my office at home) in Sussex. Here’s what you can expect if we work together.

What To Expect From Me

If we are going to work together, I think you deserve to know!

  • Creative expertise in web design.
  • Expert development using the PHP and Ruby programming languages.
  • Linux server administration, including setup of domains, hosting, etc.
  • Real-world development experience with major CMS platforms, including WordPress, Concrete5, Magento, Joomla and more.
  • Real-world experience working with charities, individuals, SME’s and e-commerce sites.
  • W3C compliance.
  • SEO approach to coding.
  • Professional, dedicated Search Engine Optimisation, both new and retrospective.
  • A secure project page to track progress, discuss the details, upload screenshots, etc.
  • Clear and punctual communication via email.
  • Live chat via Skype™ with screen-share and IM.
  • Projects delivered on time and in budget.
  • A keen eye for detail and a friendly attitude.

What I Expect From You

You need to know what I expect in return; it’s only fair.

  • Clear, polite and concise communication about your ideas.
  • Timely replies to any project-related questions.
  • The materials I need to work with. Could be images, copy, designs, etc.
  • An enthusiastic, healthy lack of time-wasting.
  • A friendly, English-speaking point of contact.

In Summary

As a freelance web designer, I build awesome websites that work across the whole range of devices out there. I like a challenge and I take pride in my work. I also want you to be satisfied with what you get, especially if you paid for it.

I’d like my work to speak for itself, be useful and make people feel happy, interested and engaged. Also, I want you to tell others. So, if you’re serious about your ideas, let’s build something.