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The purchase of any products on this site will be subject to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms in their entirety, you must not use this website. In addition, the use of this site is governed by the terms and conditions of the site, available from any page in the site via a link in the footer; terms & conditions. By purchasing product(s) from this site, you agree to be bound by the site terms and conditions in their entirety and in addition to this document.

1. About Us
This site is owned and operated by Jason Mostert.

2. Your Status
By placing an order through this site for services rendered, or for any product(s), you warrant that:

2.1. You are legally capable of entering into binding contracts.
2.2. You are at least 18 years of age.
2.3. You have full permission from the registered card holder for any purchases made on or through this website.
2.4. You do not intend to use any products or information received from this website for illegal, harmful or damaging purposes, in any way or for any reason, either whole or in part.

3. Products and Purchases
By purchasing any product from or through this website, you agree that:

3.1. You are purchasing a license for the use of the purchased material, either for personal use or for the use of business, whether a personal business or an employer.
3.2. You will not alter any product, whole or in part, for any reason whatsoever after it has been purchased and/or downloaded from this website.
3.3. You will not re-sell any product(s), whole or in part, for any fee, either directly or indirectly after it has been purchased and/or downloaded from this website.
3.4. You will not make use of the product(s) beyond or outside of what the product(‘s) license allows.
3.5. You will not alter or remove any copyright or authorship notice(s) which may be contained within any downloaded material or product(s).
3.6. You will not duplicate any product(s), whole or in part, or make copies of it beyond what the product(‘s) license allows.

4. Risk and title

4.1. The product(s) will be at your risk from the time of delivery.
4.2. Ownership of the license of the product(s) will only pass to you when we receive full payment of all sums due in respect of the product(s), including any relevant delivery charges.

5. Consumer rights

5.1. You may cancel an order at any time before product(s) have been downloaded.
5.2. To cancel a order, you must write to the site owner at jason@twincreations.co.uk, stating clearly the reason for the cancellation, the date or purchase and the order ID.

6. Refunds Policy

6.1. Refunds will only be issued in extreme cases, where the consumer can prove beyond any doubt that they are entitled to such a refund.
6.2. The owner reserves the right to refuse a refund for any product(s) for any reason whatsoever.
6.3. Successful refunds may take a period of up to 28 days to be issued from the date of agreement that a refund will be issued and is due.

7. Liability
Any views and opinions expressed on this website are the opinions of their respective authors. Jason does not accept any liability for comments, views, opinions or expressions made on or through this website and its pages. Furthermore, the owner does not accept any liability for the use of any product(s) which this site either supplies or advertises.

7.1. The owner will not be liable in the event that a product causes damage or interruption to any service, website or business either through the proper or improper use of any downloaded or purchased material.
7.2. The owner will no be liable in the event of any damage or harm resulting from the use of the supplied product(s).
7.3. The use of any product(s) supplied by or downloaded from this site are done so entirely at the buyers risk. The owner accepts no liability for downloaded or purchased material whatsoever.

8. Contact
The owner may be contacted in the first instance at jason@twincreations.co.uk