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Custom Bash Profile For Web Development

CentOS 6.5, x86_64 I like tweaking my terminal prompt. It makes my life so much simpler to have some info easily available and especially to have alias shortcuts. I’m feeling generous this morning, so here’s my own .bashrc file for

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Cygwin – SSH Without A Password On Every Request

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, Cygwin I’ve avoided doing this until now coz I sometimes make mistakes and the SSH password is an additional layer of anti-idiot. Anyway… Whenever you SSH to a new machine (or SCP a file) on Cygwin,

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Launch Sublime Text From A Cygwin Terminal

Sublime Text 3 This same logic can be applied to loads of applications. Today we are going to add a tiny bash script to simplify life by opening our current project/directory in the Sublime Text 3 editor. Mac programmers will

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