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jQuery Validations In A Script File

jQuery 1.10.2 This is pretty straightforward really. I want to keep all my validations in a seperate file and call them to act on a specific form after the page has fully loaded. I keep forgetting the syntax, so this is as much for me in future as for you! 123456789101112131415(function($){     var validateInputForm […]

Plus Minus Shopping Quantity Buttons For Magento

jQuery 1.4+, A modern browser We want to have plus and minus buttons to increment our product quantity, rather than just a boring input box that a user might have to (GASP) type into! From this: To this: Yes, much lazier, erm I mean… nicer 😉 1234567891011<div>   <a class="decrement_qty" href="javascript:void(0)">     <img src="images/minus-qty.png" […]