Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Twin Creations website. If you continue to browse and use this website, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following privacy policy, which together with our terms & conditions govern Twin Creations’ relationship with you in relation to this website. If you disagree with any part of this privacy policy, please do not use our website.

Twin Creations takes your privacy seriously and we have attempted to keep this document clear and concise so that it can be easily read and understood. This policy applies to this website and any software supplied by Twin Creations including purchases and subscriptions. Please read this policy carefully and contact us if you have any questions or comments about this policy.

Who Are We?

Twin Creations is a limited company, registered in England & Wales, company number 9158935.

Cookie Policy

First of all, we make use of cookies on this website. Cookies are very small text files that store information on your computer. The main reason we use cookies is to support our third-party traffic analytics software. The cookies we use collect information on your browsing habits on this website, such as how long you spend on the website and which pages you visit. We also collect your computer IP address which helps us work out where in the world our traffic comes from. The reason we use these cookies is so that we can continue to provide content that is relevant to our visitors and make changes to ensure we are reaching the right people with the information on the website, and ultimately with our services.

What Information Do We Collect?

In addition to cookies, we also collect your personal information which you voluntarilty supply if you decide to contact us via this website. The contact form requires you to provide your name, an email address and some additional information relating to your enquiry.

We do sell software through this website, and we retain a few pieces of information about your purchase(s). We collect and store your name, email address, physical address and details about your order. We do this in order to supply the software to you and to support queries about the software that may arise in the future. We do not collect or hold payment information on this website.

How Do We Use Personal Information?

We do make use of personal information that you supply to us in order to fulfil the services of this website. We process this data in the following ways:

  • To personalise content on this website and to improve your user experience.
  • To setup a user account for our users.
  • For internal research and development purposes.
  • To provide goods and services through this website, such as software.
  • To facilitate customer interactions and respond to enquiries.

What Legal Basis Do We Have For Processing Your Personal Data?

In accordance with the processing conditions contained within the GDPR, we use your personal data on the following legal grounds:

  • Consent
  • Vital Interests
  • Legal Obligation

We rely on the legal grounds of consent for the information you supply to us. If you would like to contact Twin Creations, you have to indicate that you are happy for us to receive and process your personal information, otherwise you cannot use the contact form. The same is true of any software purchases and downloads provided by Twin Creations. In the case of software provision, after you have indicated that we may receive and process your information, we have a vital interest in using your email address to supply the software to the correct person, and to facilitate licensing the software. We have a legal obligation to ensure that all of our content is suitable for our audience and that it complies with legislation of any countries in which our website is viewed and used.

When Do We Share Personal Data?

Your personal information will always be treated as confidential by Twin Creations. Only in cases where it is necessary to provide our services and conduct our normal business operations will your information be used. Of course, we will also comply with any legal obligation or mandate by relevant authorities to supply personal information.

Where Do We Store And Process Personal Data?

You personal data will be stored and processed on our virtual private servers, located in our data centre in the United Kingdom.

How Do We Secure Personal Data?

Our VPS servers reside in ISO 27001 certified data centres that offer superior performance and georedundancy. Our server are equipped with versioning control systems and we operate a robust daily backup schedule to minimise accidental data loss. Our website is protected against unauthorised access and the use or discolsure of personal data using hardware firewall components and software firewall programs for an added layer of protection. These measures are put in place for the following reasons:

  • to protect data against accidental loss.
  • to prevent unauthorised access, use, destruction or disclosure of data.
  • to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • to restrict access to personal information.
  • to manage third party risks, through use of contracts and security reviews.

How Long Do We Keep Your Personal Data For?

If you contact Twin Creations using the contact form(s), we store this data on our servers until it is used and then it is permanently deleted no later than 1 calendar year after initial collection.

If you purchase software from Twin Creations, we store this data on our servers until it is used and then it is permanently deleted no later than 1 calendar year after initial collection, or when the software warranty expires, whichever period is greater.

Data that is no longer required by us is deleted outright on the server. The backup process retains 1 calendar month of backups, so data that has been deleted from the website will be removed from the backup cycle not more than 1 calendar month later.

Your Rights In Relation To Personal Data

Under the GDPR you have the right to view and control personal data held by us. You may request from us, in writing, the following processes in relation to your personal data at any time:

  • access to your personal information.
  • correction and deletion of your personal information.
  • withdrawal of your consent.
  • restriction of processing and objection.

We will strive to comply with any queries about your personal data in an efficient and expedient manner. All communication about this process will happen in email format and you are required to submit your request to us in an email. We are only able to assist you in processing your personal data and will never reveal nor confirm the personal information of another individual. For this reason we may require proofs that you are in fact the person in question. We will normally qualify this using a security question format.

If your query is not satisfactorily handled by us, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

How To Contact Us

You may contact Twin Creations using the online form provided on the contact page: In addition you can submit an email to postmaster[at]

Third Party Content

Throughout this website, we will provide links to third-party websites and articles for your convenience. We have no control over the content represented by any third party website and we take absolutely no responsibility for the content or information contained in any linked website.