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Cygwin – SSH Without A Password On Every Request

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, Cygwin I’ve avoided doing this until now coz I sometimes make mistakes and the SSH password is an additional layer of anti-idiot. Anyway… Whenever you SSH to a new machine (or SCP a file) on Cygwin, you’re probably used to entering your password for the connection each time. Wouldn’t it be […]

SCP Files Over A Non-Standard Alternate Port

scp I seem to rant often about changing the SSH port. Hmmm. Today, I want to secure copy (scp) a file to the remote server where SSH accepts incoming connections on a non-standard port (anything other than 22). Here’s the command: 1$ scp -P 2222 /source/files.zip jason@ And that is all there is to it. […]

Change The Default SSH Port Mac OS X

Mac OS X Snow Leopard, CentOS 6 A while back I wrote a few articles on improving security on your production server. A lot of chatter revolved around using non-standard ports for connecting via SSH. This affects other services that use SSH, such as Git, SFTP and others. Today I’m going to show you a […]