Clean Theme For Sublime Text 2 And 3

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Sublime Text 3 Alpha

There is so much to like about Sublime Text. Version 3 introduces a host of new features and performance tweaks that look promising.

While I’m on it, there’s only one thing I would change; the search/find-and-replace functionality. Otherwise, it gets a 9/10 in my book.

Ok, why are we here? I was looking around for a nice, clean theme that offered quick visual reference for OOP PHP applications. After trying out a few, my eyes started to ache and I decided to write my own.

Because I’m often staring at code for many hours a day, I wanted something that was clean and easy on the eyes, and offered quick reference to methods and objects.

Enter TwinCreate:

TwinCreate Sublime Text Theme

If you are as specific as I am, you will want to change one or two things. I created a repo on Github for this theme. Fork it and tweak to your heart’s content.

Or, just download the files.

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